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ATM Outsourcing: Using a Return-on-Value Analysis to Build a Better ROI

ROI, return-on-investment, is a straightforward, financially-grounded concept with details that can get tricky fast. A primary input used to help make build/buy decisions, ROI should be considered anytime a major strategic investment is called for, such as when comparing the costs of in-house versus outsourced ATM management. However a one-size-fits-all ROI calculation is impossible since financial institutions come in all shapes and sizes, each with different needs and approaches based on local environments and competitive strategies. In addition, the value of an ATM managed (outsourced) service is often not fully realized until after its implementation, generating hidden benefits not easily uncovered in a typical ROI analysis. The importance of the ATM in today’s self-service environment is undisputed. Given the complexity of the channel and the need to deliver always-on performance that keeps pace with tomorrow’s technology, this is the time to ensure that a financial analysis captures the full benefits of ATM outsourcing. For this deeper, value-based analysis, a Return on Value, or ROV, assessment is needed.

Download the white paper, ATM Outsourcing - Using a Return-on-Value Analysis to Build a Better ROI, to learn how you can use ROV analysis to uncover the important hidden benefits of outsourcing your ATM channel.